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Voting in Local Elections

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Local councils run the elections 

Local elections are run by local councils. Each local authority appoints an electoral officer to conduct its election.  

If you are enrolled, your local council will send you voting papers in the mail when it’s time to vote. 

Contact your local council’s electoral officer (Vote 2022 Local Elections)

The Electoral Commission’s role is to make sure each council has an up-to-date electoral roll in time for the elections. We do not run or oversee the local elections.

If you don't receive your voting papers

If you were enrolled by 12 August, your local council will send your voting papers in the mail. You should receive your voting papers from 16-21 September.

If you don't receive your voting papers, you should contact your council's electoral officer.

Contact your local council's electoral officer (Vote 2022 Local Elections)

You also need to check you're enrolled, and update your details if you've changed address. You need to be correctly enrolled by midnight on 7 October for your vote to count.

Enrol or update online

Voting when you are on the Māori roll 

The roll you are on may affect the way you vote in local elections. 

If you’re on the Māori roll and your local authority has a Māori ward or constituency, you’ll vote for a candidate or candidates in the Māori ward or constituency. 

Māori wards and constituencies (Vote Local)

Your roll choice 

If you’re Māori and enrolling for the first time, you have an important choice to make. You need to decide which electoral roll you want to be on: the general roll or the Māori roll. 

After you’ve enrolled, you can change rolls during the Māori Electoral Option which takes place every 5 or 6 years after the Census. The next Māori Electoral Option is scheduled for 2024. If you’re already enrolled, you won’t be able to change rolls before the 2022 local elections. 

General roll or Māori roll

Voting when you’re on the unpublished roll 

If you’re registered on the unpublished roll, it means your name will not appear on the printed electoral roll. You need to apply to the electoral officer at your local council to get your voting papers, as they will not be sent to you in the mail.  

Contact an electoral officer (Vote Local)

Voting from overseas 

Voting papers for the local body elections can't be downloaded, and can't be returned electronically. If you are living overseas, and you provided an overseas postal address when you enrolled or updated your enrolment, your council will send your voting papers by mail.

If you’re overseas, you can enrol to vote in the local elections if you are a New Zealand citizen who has been in New Zealand within the last 3 years, or you’re a New Zealand permanent resident who has been in New Zealand in the last 12 months.  

If you are on the electoral roll but no longer meet the eligibility criteria, you should email us at remove@elections.govt.nz to be removed from the roll. You can go back on the electoral roll as soon as you meet the eligibility criteria again.  

Provisional electoral roll 

If you’re 17 years old and on the provisional electoral roll, you will automatically be enrolled to vote when you turn 18.  

Voting when you own property in a council area, but don’t live there 

If you own property that you pay rates on within a local council area, but usually live outside this area, you can apply to go on the ratepayer roll. You can then vote in the area where you pay rates, and the area where you live. 

To apply, contact the electoral officer for the local council area where you pay rates but do not live. The electoral officer will send you a form to complete, sign and return so they can check you’re eligible.  

Contact an electoral officer (Vote Local)