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The 2020 General Election and referendums will be different because of COVID-19. We have processes in place to protect you and your whānau.

Voting will open 2 days earlier than usual, and there will be more voting places to reduce queues. We encourage you to vote locally and bring your own pen if you can. We’ll provide hand sanitiser at voting places, and there’ll be space for physical distancing.

We’re making voting places safer

We’ll open more voting places than usual to reduce queues, and use larger venues where possible to give you more space.

We’ll have health measures in place at voting places to help keep everyone safe.

  • We’ll manage queues
  • We’ll ask you to use hand sanitiser when you enter and leave the voting place
  • We encourage you to bring your own pen to mark your voting papers (but there’ll be pens available if you forget)

Vote close to home if you can

If you can, vote close to home. Voting locally will help stop any spread of COVID-19. You can vote at any voting place in Aotearoa, but you may need to fill in an extra form if you vote outside your electorate.

You’ll have more time to vote

To give everyone time to vote, voting will start on Saturday 5 September — 2 days earlier than planned. Voting will still end at 7pm on election day, Saturday 19 September.

If you need to stay home

If you need to stay home, you’ll have other ways of voting including voting by post. You’ll find more information about postal voting on this website soon.

If you go into isolation during the voting period, you’ll be able to get someone to collect and deliver your voting papers for you.

You can still vote from rest homes and hospitals

We’ll work with hospital and rest home managers to find the best way to help you vote.

Learn more about voting from rest homes and hospitals

You can still vote from prison if you’re eligible

If you’re a prisoner who’s eligible to vote, we’ll work with Corrections to provide you with voting services.

Learn more about voting from prison

You can vote from overseas

You can vote from overseas from Wednesday 2 September until 7pm, Saturday 19 September (NZ time).

Learn how to vote from overseas

The election date hasn’t changed

The election and referendums will be held on 19 September, which is the date the Prime Minister announced in January. If the Prime Minister or Parliament change the timing of the election, we’ll work to the new date they set.

We have plans for different COVID-19 Alert Levels

Our planning for the election is based on:

  • being in a position to meet the requirements of Alert Level 2, and
  • being able to deliver to small clusters of up to 500 voters affected by local Alert Levels 3 or 4, to a maximum of 5,000 voters nationwide, using takeaway voting. 

If an outbreak occurs during the voting period, there are some emergency powers available to the Chief Electoral Officer to delay election day voting by up to seven days at a time.

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