Resources to share with your community

Help us spread the word - guide for stakeholders 

Download this guide [PDF 13 MB] where you will find guidance on how to share information on the Māori Electoral Option on social media, on your website, in newsletters or direct communications, or as display materials at your marae, kura, offices, workplaces or community centres.

You can access information about the Māori Electoral Option in alternate formats here.

If you would like to order any resources including posters and brochures about the Māori Electoral Option,  please do so at this link.

Māori Electoral Option brochure

Māori Electoral Option posters

Resources to share on social media and in newsletters

Below are some options for you to share in newsletters and on social media, in various lengths. If you would also like to use an image you can also download it from the bottom of this list.

Images for social media and newsletter use

Banner options to use on your website

Images for digital signage or digital displays

Resources in regional dialects