Downloading your voting papers

If you’re overseas, and you’re enrolled to vote, you can download and complete your voting papers for the 2023 General Election.

Your voting papers will include an instruction sheet, a statutory declaration form, and your ballot paper for the 2023 General Election.

You will be able to download your voting papers here from Wednesday 27 September until 7pm on election day, Saturday 14 October (New Zealand time).

You can only download your voting papers if you’re eligible to vote from overseas.

Check your eligibility

If you're voting from overseas, you must be enrolled by midnight on Friday 13 October (NZ time) but enrol earlier if you can. You won’t be able to download your voting papers if you are not enrolled.

How to complete your voting papers

Overseas voters can now complete their voting papers using an electronic device. This includes overseas voters and their witnesses signing the special vote declaration using a digital signature. Please note that we can not accept your voting papers if the signature is typed font. We can only allow then where your normal signature is present.

How to complete your voting papers

You may also choose to print your voting papers and complete them by hand.

If you have any further questions about completing your voting papers, please contact

How to return your voting papers

Once you’ve completed your voting papers, the easiest way to return them is to upload them.  If you have completed your voting papers by hand, you can scan or photograph them an upload them.

Uploading your voting papers

More information about downloading your voting papers