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Enrolment information in accessible formats

For all information on enrolling in the 2020 General Election and referendums in accessible formats.

Check the full guide to the 2020 General Election and referendums in the accessible formats below: 

Telephone Information Service 

You can also call Blind Low Vision NZ’s Telephone Information Service (TIS) to find out more about the general election and referendums.

Visit Blind Low Vision NZ’s website to find the toll-free number in your area. Once connected, select the topic to listen to the audio: 

  • TIS Phone > Dial 731 > 2020 General Election Information
  • TIS Phone > Dial 732 > End of Life Choice referendum
  • TIS Phone > Dial 733 > Cannabis referendum
  • TIS Phone > Dial 734 > Telephone Dictation Voting at the 2020 General Election

 Find out more about the Telephone Information Service