What to expect at the voting place

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Here’s what to expect when you visit a voting place during the Port Waikato by-election.

When you arrive at a voting place, our staff will welcome you and answer any questions you might have. Our staff will be wearing orange vests.

There’ll also be signs up directing you where to go.

If you have an EasyVote card, bring it with you, and vote close to home. It makes voting faster.

If you were enrolled by 14 October, you’ll be on the printed roll at voting places which makes it easier to issue your voting papers.

Photos and filming

Voting is personal so we ask you to respect the privacy of other voters.

Please avoid filming or taking any photographs in a voting place.

Publishing photos or videos of someone completing their voting paper is a potential offence and not allowed at any voting place.

If you have a reason for wanting to film or take photos in a voting place, such as recording a candidate casting their vote, please send us a request in advance to returns@elections.govt.nz

Remaining in a voting place

Once you have voted, we ask that you don’t linger and leave the voting place straight away.

This helps us maintain the privacy of the voting process and ensures other voters feel comfortable while casting their own vote.

Social media

During an election there are rules about what you can and can’t do on social media. 

From midnight before election day until 7pm on election day, you can’t post or share any content that’s likely to - or is intended to - influence someone’s candidate vote or party vote.

Paid online election advertising is prohibited on election day.

The election day rules make no exemption for the expression of personal political views online.

Our staff

Electoral Commission staff at your voting place are likely to be members of your local community. They want to help you exercise your democratic right to vote.

Many of our staff will be working on an election for the first time and there is a lot to remember and do!

If you experience any delays, please be patient as our staff carefully follow the steps required to maintain the integrity of our electoral process.

About us

The Electoral Commission Te Kaitiaki Take Kōwhiri runs parliamentary elections. We work to provide an effective and impartial electoral system that New Zealanders understand and trust.

All New Zealanders have the right to vote freely. We make sure that your vote remains secret when you’re voting and when we’re counting votes.

We ask that you respect the way we manage voting places. Our processes ensure people have a positive experience, and that their privacy and other rights are protected.

As a last resort, members of the public who are disruptive or causing a disturbance will be told to leave the voting place. Failure to comply with this direction is an offence and may be referred to police.