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Learn how to vote in a general election, by-election, referendum or local election.

Voting in a general election

Every 3 years, New Zealand has a general election. If you’re enrolled, you can vote.

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The next general election will be held in 2026.

Voting in a by-election

A by-election is held to fill a vacancy when a member of Parliament who represents an electorate leaves their role. There is no party vote.

In a by-election, you vote for the candidate you want to represent your electorate in Parliament.

To be eligible to vote, you must be enrolled in the electorate where the by-election is being held.

Voting in a referendum

A referendum is a vote on a question. If you’re enrolled, you can vote in a referendum.

A referendum might be held at the same time as a general election or separately.

When a referendum is coming up, we’ll add information to this website about how to vote.

Learn about referendums

What is a referendum?

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Voting in a local election

In a local election, you vote for who you want to represent your local community. Local elections are held to elect members of city, district and regional councils.

If you’re enrolled to vote, you can vote in local elections where you live.

Local elections are run by local councils every 3 years and held by postal vote.

Tauranga City Council will hold local elections in July 2024.

Elections 2024 - Tauranga City Council [Tauranga City Council]

For the rest of New Zealand, the next local elections will be held in 2025.

What are local elections?

Contact your local council for more information

If you have questions or need help to vote in a local election, contact your local council.

Council contact list (localcouncils.govt.nz)