Māori Electoral Option Te Kōwhiringa Pōti Māori

The Māori Electoral Option is a choice for Māori about which electoral roll they want to be on: the Māori roll or the general roll.

Ko te Kōwhiringa Pōti Māori he kōwhiringa mā te Māori kia whakatauria te rārangi pōti e hiahia ana aia: ko te rārangi whānui rānei, ko te rārangi Māori rānei.

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What is the Māori Electoral Option?

He aha te Kōwhiringa Pōti Māori?

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What does your choice mean for you?

He aha te pānga o tō kōwhiringa ki a koe?

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How to make your choice

Me pēwhea te kōwhiri

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Accessible formats

Information about the Māori Electoral Option is available in alternative formats, including Braille, large print, audio and NZSL.


We regularly publish statistics about the number of people enrolled in each Māori and general electorate, how many people have changed rolls, and new enrolments.


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