How to vote from overseas

It’s easy to vote from overseas and have your say in New Zealand's parliamentary elections.

Overseas voting starts about 2 weeks before election day. You won't be able to vote or to get your voting papers before this date.

Overseas voting using the download service closes at 7pm on election day (NZ time).

Vote before you go

Voting within New Zealand is available from about 2 weeks before election day until 7pm on election day. If you're in New Zealand during this time you can vote at any voting place.

Vote from overseas

The best way to vote from overseas is to download your voting papers from our website, complete them, then upload them. A link to download your voting papers will be available on this website from the date overseas voting opens.

To download your voting papers, you must be enrolled.

You may also be able to vote in person at an overseas voting place.

Telephone dictation voting

If you’re enrolled to vote and you’re blind, partially blind or have another physical disability that prevents you from marking your voting paper without assistance, you’re eligible to vote by telephone dictation.

You need to register to use the telephone dictation service for the general election, even if you've used it at previous elections.

Contact us if you need help


From overseas +64 9 909 4182 (international call rates may apply)

From New Zealand 0800 36 76 56