About the Tauranga City Council election

Tauranga City Council is holding an election on Saturday 20 July 2024. At this election voters will elect nine councillors and a mayor.

Who can vote

To vote in the Tauranga City Council election, you must be enrolled by Friday 19 July 2024.

If you’re eligible to enrol to vote, and your enrolment address is within the Tauranga City Council area, you can vote in the Tauranga City Council election.

Are you eligible to enrol and vote?


Tauranga City Council also has a ratepayer roll for ratepayers (or their nominees) who live outside the council’s area. For more information about the ratepayer roll, contact Tauranga City Council.

Information for voters (Tauranga City)

Māori roll or general roll?

Tauranga City Council has 8 general wards and one Māori ward. A ward is a voting area.

If you’re on the general roll, you’ll vote for a councillor for the general ward you live in. If you’re on the Māori roll, you’ll vote for a councillor for the Māori ward, which represents the entire city.

No matter which ward you’re in, you’ll also get to vote for a mayor.

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Information about the Māori ward (Tauranga City)

If you’re Māori, you can choose to be on the Māori roll or the general roll for the Tauranga City Council election. However if you wish to change the roll you’re on, you need to do so by midnight, Friday 19 April 2024.


Māori voters in the Tauranga City Council area who are already enrolled to vote cannot change the roll they’re on between Saturday 20 April and Saturday 20 July 2024.

This rule does not apply if you’re a first-time voter. If you’re Māori and enrolling for the first time you will choose the roll you want to be on – Māori roll or general roll.

What is the Māori Electoral Option?

More information

Tauranga City Council runs its own local elections. You can find more information about the election on their website.

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